27th June 2022

A source of inspiration

  Sometimes, we are impressed by the state of the world. It seems to be in ruins. There are wars,  famine, people without access to water, […]
20th June 2022

What would you change about the world?

When being asked this question, people can come up with different ideas of things to change. From gender inequality to education for everyone and access to […]
13th June 2022

The benefits of volunteering

The benefits of volunteering are multiple and varied. From helpping the community- or even changing the world- to providing better job prospects, volunteering seems to have […]
28th June 2019

Run for the environment-let’s go plogging!

On the 26th of June we had the pleasure to organize an event called: Run for the environment – let’s go PLOGGING! Orfeas was arranging this […]
7th March 2019

Hips don’t lie: dancing, sharing, having fun!

This Tuesday was a special one for the volunteers. The sun was out, the weather was warm, and the sweet sound of salsa music was playing […]
1st March 2019

Did you put on your “Μάρτη” yet?

There are some of these old traditions that we all follow from the day we are born until the last years of our life. This red […]
22nd February 2019

Group activity: Gender discrimination

Every Tuesday afternoon we have a group activity for all the volunteers here in Xylokastro and this Tuesday we discussed gender discrimination through games and controversial […]
8th February 2019

Volunteering in the forest

Today we visited the short-term volunteers in Xylokastro at their work place in the forest to get a better look on the job they are doing […]
17th January 2019

Session about crisis management by Eliana

What do you do when you sit in a train filled with strangers that makes you feel uncomfortable? When the train stops abrupt and then starts […]
24th September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 6

The sixth day of the youth exchange ‘Taste of Europe’ was the last official day. The participants started the day with a nice and cozy time […]
22nd September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 5

‘Find the loudest voice’, ‘take the most colourful picture’ and ‘find the ingredients for your favourite Greek recipe’. These were some of the tasks, that the […]
21st September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 4

The fourth day of the youth exchange was filled with new information. The 55 participants worked in mixed groups to gain new knowledge about different subjects […]
20th September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 3

Beautiful, friendly, welcoming, traditional, nice view, authentic, cultural and sweaty. These where the words that came out of the mouth of three participants, when I asked […]
19th September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 2

Day 2 of the ‚Taste of Europe’ saw the participants of the youth exchange getting more into detail and discuss ideas and notions about eating habits of the […]
18th September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 1

The first day of ‘Taste of Europe’ was filled with joy, expectations and new beginnings After a good first night of sleep in the hotel ‘The […]
13th September 2018

Picnic with all the mentors

Saturday the 8th of September, we all met with our mentors. Some for the first time, like Tatiana who has just arrived, and some maybe for […]
13th September 2018

On-arrival-training in Nisi

Four of our volunteers participated in an ‘on-arrival-camp’ with focus on informal learning, personal development and socializing. “I don’t know why, but on this camp it […]
10th August 2018

A visit to Xylokastro’s weekly market

Located in the very centre of Xylokastro, the weekly open market, mainly for vegetables and fruits, but also clothes and shoes, offers the real Greek experience. […]
30th July 2018

The Division – Escape Room #2

              Imagine the following: It’s Black Friday, this day with huge sales in many, many shops, this day many people […]
2nd May 2018

Mid-term training April 2018, Parnitha

Every year the Greek national agency org anises the On-Arrival and Mid-Term evaluation training for the EVS long-term volunteers. After the Easter holidays, before we went […]
22nd March 2018

Great Lent

THE GREAT LENT: TRADITIONS AND GASTRONOMY What is it? Greek Orthodox Lent is a time of fasting before Easter, which means abstaining from foods that contain […]
22nd March 2018

Improving Skills

Yesterday the office volunteers used the opportunity of the upcoming Greek National Day 25th of March in order to develop their presentation skills. The Greek National […]