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30th January 2023

New vacancies in our ESC projects

Kindergarten project placement is available from April, 2023 till September 2023. Youth information office project from April, 2023 till September 2023. Environmental protection project for the […]
30th January 2023

Interview with Meltem (Youth center project)- video

Sharing interviews with different volunteers is always of importance as it provides a more personal angle. This is critical for those interested in the programme to […]
30th January 2023

Interviews with ESC volunteers

In November the volunteers in the youth information office began a series wherein they do short interviews with different volunteers in the organisation. Interviews from the […]
26th January 2023

Short term volunteers in the environmental protection project

The short terms from November to December were involved in a variety of activities during their stay. They most frequently removed the litter from both the […]
26th January 2023

Halloween workshop

The traditional Irish, and now international celebration, ‘samhain’ also known as Halloween is an infamous celebration that celebrates the belief that that on one night of […]
26th January 2023

Anti-bullying week

Bullying is repeated and unwanted attention experienced by a group or an individual. It is prevalent in so many places including schools. Many people experience this […]