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Kindergarten project of Velo-Vocha municipality

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Accreditation number: 2010-GR-5

Duration of the project: 6 months

Location: Velo-Vocha Municipality,  Corinthia region

The voluntary work takes place in kindergartens of Municipality of Velo-Vocha which host children in between 2- 5 years old.  Our motivation to host EVS volunteers is the support and help in the every day work of the kindergarten. This includes helping in the fine-art workshop, painting lessons, theatrical workshop, playing games with the children, to take part in the workshop in the subject of tastes (sweet, salty, bitter and sour), join the trips, excursions, helping in the kitchen of the kindergarten and helping the work of the information office of Velo. The volunteers will assist the staff in the daily childcare and organise his/her own small project depending on his/her skills and ideas (e.g. music, handicraft, theatre, games etc). A further important aspect of the project is to give the volunteer the opportunity to put into the practice his/her ideas and to reflect upon this with experienced staff of our school. We would like the volunteer to learn the way to protect the children of these vulnerable ages, to promote the European idea among the children as the future adults of Europe by giving them the chance to experience what it actually means.

Our main aims are the introduction of new activities taken by the volunteers for the daily life of the children, the promotion and contact with new cultures, especially from the volunteer origin, and the development of the artistic abilities of the children by helping the teachers in their activities. We believe that international education should serve intercultural understanding and cooperation providing strategies for meeting each child’s individual needs through play and to deliver a well balanced international curriculum which is being continually developed and improved in harmony with the cultural beliefs of the host country and multicultural community.

We would like also to develop the volunteer’s responsibility, creativity, knowledge, and skills. She/he will also gain more self-esteem and compassion through creative work.



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