Short-Term Environmental project

Accreditation Number: 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003428

In this project, the volunteers will spend two months in Xylokastro supporting the environmental protection of the beaches, forests and streets of Xylokastro- Evrostini municipality.

In particular, the volunteers will work on:

– The protection of the forest: the volunteers will take care of the forest of Xylokastro, particularly by picking up the trash that pollutes it;
– The protection of the seaside: similarly, the volunteers will pick up any pollution that is in the seaside, in order to maintain our beaches clean;
– The volunteers will also participate in other activities, so as to support the municipality, such as repairing and painting the benches and tables from the forest, take care of the parks, the small harbour, the squares, and the playground in the forest.

Moreover, the Short-Term volunteers will also have the opportunity to support and participate in events and activities of the youth information office, promoting the ESC program, and activities prepared for and by the local community, according to the seasonal needs (summer festivals, Christmas activities, school fairs). There is also the possibility for the volunteers to propose their environmental activities and organize their personal projects related to the main goal of the project.

Download the info pack for “Environmental Project”