Farewell, Aida and Leo
30th June 2023
August, the month of goodbyes
27th September 2023

Lidl, our lord and saviour

If you think our volunteers will not go to extreme lengths to go to some supermarkets, such as Lidl, we are sorry to tell you, but you are wrong. Starting form Xylokastro, both long-terms and short-terms volunteers make their trip to Kiato just for a reason – go to Lidl.

Sometimes it’s an easy journey. You can stop at the bus stop there, or in the Kiato bus station and make your journey towards this supermarket, while enjoying the shops and restaurants of Kiato, and even take a swim, if the weather allows it.

But sometimes, the trip might start smooth and calm – volunteers arriving to Kiato, take a stroll around the city, go to second hand shops, take a dive in the amazing Mediterranean, and begin their journey towards Lidl – only to have to wait more than 1 hour, with 40º outside, for a bus that doesn’t seem to want to arrive. That was the case of Beatriz (LT), Klaudia, Sorcha, Rosie and Ania (ST), who desperately waited for the bus while their groceries (and ice cream!) were melting under the scorching sun. Nevertheless, all is well when it ends well and the volunteers were able to return home and immediately put their shopping’s in the fridge and freezer, saving everything (even the ice cream that, even though it was a little bit melted, it still tasted good).

After this experience, would they do it all over again and risk precious ice cream under the scorching sun? You can bet on it!