10th August 2018

A visit to Xylokastro’s weekly market

Located in the very centre of Xylokastro, the weekly open market, mainly for vegetables and fruits, but also clothes and shoes, offers the real Greek experience. […]
30th July 2018

The Division – Escape Room #2

              Imagine the following: It’s Black Friday, this day with huge sales in many, many shops, this day many people […]
2nd May 2018

Mid-term training April 2018, Parnitha

Every year the Greek national agency org anises the On-Arrival and Mid-Term evaluation training for the EVS long-term volunteers. After the Easter holidays, before we went […]
22nd March 2018

Great Lent

THE GREAT LENT: TRADITIONS AND GASTRONOMY What is it? Greek Orthodox Lent is a time of fasting before Easter, which means abstaining from foods that contain […]
22nd March 2018

Improving Skills

Yesterday the office volunteers used the opportunity of the upcoming Greek National Day 25th of March in order to develop their presentation skills. The Greek National […]