How does it work?

An EVS project is a partnership between two or more promoting organizations. These organizations are responsible for recruiting volunteers for their projects and to provide support to them before, through and after the service. The participants/volunteers, need a sending organization in the country they live and a receiving/hosting organization which is going to host them during their project.

Our projects last from 4 weeks (Short term project) to 12 months (Long term projects), and as a volunteer you can work in the fields of youth and culture, environmental protection and social services. At the end of your EVS period, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation and describing your project – the Youthpass.

Free accommodation, food, insurance and pocket money are provided. The expenses of your travel are covered by the program according to the policy of the distance between your home city and the receiving organization’s address.

European Voluntary Service

You love travelling and meeting new people?

Learning about new cultures and see the world with different eyes?

Are you willing to spend 1-12 months abroad as a volunteer, working in the field of youth and culture, environmental protection and social services?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are ready to become a member of the EVS community.

Accreditation Number: 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003427

Youth information & media project This project takes place in the youth information office of the organization in Xylokastro-Evrostini municipality. Through this office we want to show the possibilities to the young people of the region between the age 16-30. Our aim with this activity is to provide an informal intercultural learning experience, encouraging their social integration, active participation, increasing their employability and giving them opportunities to show solidarity with youth from different countries.

The volunteer will assist the staff of Orfeas Organisation in the daily work. This includes communication with volunteers, supporting volunteers especially in the short term projects, prepare material for the new volunteers, provide support in practical needs of everyday life. They will get to work with organization partner networks, along with media projects. Make press releases for the website in English, edit the e-Magazine (a monthly magazine edited by the volunteers themselves), work on promoting EVS in social networks, interview Greek and European volunteers, go on forums about EVS and upload information, etc.

Through these activities we would like to develop the volunteer’s responsibility, creativity, knowledge, and skills. Also we like to give the volunteers the opportunity to develop their own projects/workshops based on their interests and talents.

Download info pack for "Youth information office"

Accreditation Number: 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003428

The voluntary work placement will be in the Center of Creative Work with Children (Κ.Δ.Α.Π.) in Xylokastro town. In our Center, can participate children in between 5-12 years old. Our motivation to host EVS volunteers is providing the additional support and help in the everyday work of the Center.

This includes helping in the theatrical workshops, games, theatre with puppets, music-kinetic workshops (music-kinetic games, sound stories, singing, playing on musical instruments) and fine-art workshops (handcrafts using different materials), additionally they will help the children to make constructions, collages, paintings etc.). The volunteers will provide support to the educators of the center such as: handcraft with the kids, playing with the kids in the free time activity, helping the teachers to prepare the materials and the room for the activities, gathering them after the activity, avoiding conflicts between the kids, playing and take care of the kids during the outside activities. The volunteers will have the chance to organize their own small workshops depending on his/her skills and ideas (e.g. music, handicraft, theatre etc) if it is possible, according to the program of the center.

Our main goals are to develop new activities taken by the volunteers for the daily life of the children, to promote and to get in contact with new cultures, especially from the volunteers origin. Moreover the tasks of the volunteer are to develop artistic abilities of the children and to help the teachers in their activities. The volunteers will have the chance to broaden their horizons by living and learning in a foreign country and working in a team with the staff of our Center. In addition, they will acquire experience and skills on working with the children, which may prove useful for their professional future. Our objectives to host volunteers are to strengthen their artistic practice through working in a creative context, to introduce them to the local community, to develop the understanding of the European and international cultural context, to provide informal intercultural education and experience to youths, encouraging their social integration, their active participation and to offer them new means of expression and communication through music, theatre, fine-art etc.

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Accreditation Number: 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003428 / 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003430

The voluntary work takes place in the kindergartens of the Municipalities of Xylokastro-Evrostini and Velo-Vocha which host children in between 2- 5 years old.

Our motivation to host EVS volunteers is the support and help in the everyday work of the kindergarten. This includes helping in the fine-art workshop, painting lessons, theatrical workshop, playing games with the children, join the trips, excursions, helping in the kitchen of the kindergarten and they will help once a week in the youth information office of Xylokastro. The volunteers will assist the staff in the daily childcare and organize his/her own small project depending on his/her skills and ideas (e.g. music, handicraft, theatre, games etc). A further important aspect of the project is to give the volunteer the opportunity to put his/her ideas into the practice and to reflect upon this with experienced staff of our school. We would like the volunteer to learn the way to protect the children of these vulnerable ages, to promote the European idea among the children as the future adults of Europe by giving them the chance to experience what it actually means. We would like also to develop the volunteer’s responsibility, creativity, knowledge, and skills.

Our goal is to develop the international and intercultural understanding of the children, and thus we would like to give them the way of thinking from this early age when they can adopt new things easier that they can cooperate and communicate with people from other countries by overcoming language difficulties and cultural differences. In this way we can fight against racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

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Download info pack for "Kindergarten project in Xylokastro"

Accreditation Number: 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003428 / 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003430

Help at home’ is a social service program that aims to provide organized and systematic support to elderly and people with special needs. The profile of the program is like the ‘home care’ of dependent people who are supported by the social services of the municipality.

We provide advice and psychological support to elderly, nursing, housekeeping support, company, shopping, paying bills, medical support and other services. These services are provided with regular visits in the home of the elderly according to their needs. The program addressed in particular elderly people and people with special needs with priorities:

  •  they cannot support themselves totally
  •  they needs special treatment
  •  they live lonely and isolated
  •  they don’t have enough economical sources

The main goal of ‘Help at home’ program is that these people to be able to stay in their everyday life in their environment and to increase their quality of life. The volunteers will also join the activities of the ‘center for elderly’ (KAPI) like choir, handcraft, traditional arts, excursions.etc. They will provide assistance to the staff of the center according to the needs.

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Accreditation Number: 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003428

In this project volunteers from different European countries provide additional support to the instructors and other staff working for the environment of Xylokastro- Evrostini municipality.

Description of the tasks of the volunteers:

  • Protection of the forest: Volunteers will take care of the natural forest of Xylokastro. They will take care of the regular watering of the trees, in particular the new trees, which need more and systematic watering. Volunteers will take care of the cleanness of the walking road of the forest; rake the leaves, twigs, cones from that. Moreover, they will take care of the health of the trees like for example cutting the branches, twigs, but always with the supervisor or other members and workers of the municipality.
  • Protection of the coast of Xylokastro and Derveni: Volunteers will take care of the coast, collect rubbish to keep coast as a representative place of Xylokastro.
  • They will participate in the repairing of the benches, tables, metal and wooden fences in the forest and on the coast.
  • Volunteers will support other environmental activities of the municipality outside of the forest like taking care of parks, the marine and municipality playground in the forest... etc.
  • Volunteers will also participate in the activities prepared for and by the local community according to the seasonal needs (summer festivals, Christmas activities, school fairs or EVS promotional campaigns).
  • Short term volunteers as part of the EVS community in our town they are going to participate in our weekly and monthly activities such as, cultural events, Greek language courses etc.

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