Xylokastro is a seaside town in the Peloponnese located 30km west of Corinth. It has approximately 6000 inhabitants during winter, but in the summer the population increases to 12000.
Xylokastro is a place with rich natural beauty. It combines sea, an amazing pine forest and in distance less than 40 minutes the mountains (Ziria mountain, the 5th highest top of Greece).

Could you imagine yourself sitting on a bench inside the forest, listening the waves of the sea and feel the fresh air that comes from the mountain to touch your face?
Then you can easily imagine an afternoon in Xylokastro.

Because of its location, Xylokastro is the perfect starting point for your trips. Between the capital city, Athens, and the third biggest city, Patras, it can be the best place to live, so you can travel easily in Greece and not only.

Xylokastro has quite big variety of places in where you can spend your free time. You will have a lot of free time so it’s better to use it in a proper way. From walks on the coast, or the paths of the forest, till visiting local bars, trying traditional Greek food in cosy and full of flavours tavernas, but also exploring wilderness in the mountains just few minutes away from the city centre. Everyone will find something for themselves in this small and quiet town…
Well, if you try you will see that Xylokastro is much, much more !

Take a look below!

1. In Xylokastro you can find a lot of places where you can satisfy your sports needs. Open football field, basketball court, tennis court and also a field for inside sport activities in the building of the high-school of Xylokastro.
2. You will also find open cinemas, where, during the summer, you can watch movies under the stars.
3. If you are interested in literature there is also a place for you. In the Office building you can find a public library with big collection of books from many authors and also a quiet place to sit and enjoy your book.
4. The open amphitheatre just next to the marina is always a good choice in a hot evening of the summer, where you can watch performances and theatrical plays from local theatre groups and not only. This open theatre is always ready to host your own performances or to offer you a place to sit with friends and enjoy a nice conversation under the sky.
5. Municipal theatre of Xylokastro where you can enjoy a theatrical play during the whole year.
6. In the Ziria mountain, the winter lovers can find a small, but professional ski centre where they can practice the winter sports or drink a cup of hot tea in the chalet.

Local festivals :

Summer festivals organised by the municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini:
1. Sport tournaments
2. Theatre/music nights
3. Nights of culture tradition

The biggest music festival in the county of Corinth takes place in Ziria, the top of the Kilini mountain and it’s only 40 minutes away from Xylokastro.
• Free entrance
• Camping places
• Big variety of music and activities