A day in Nafplio
16th August 2022
Friendship in Xylokastro
29th August 2022

What do you think of summer in Greece?

For some a difficult scenario to live through, summer in Greece has a lot of perks that you can enjoy despite of the heat. Even though it might seem like it’s difficult to enjoy a country when it’s too hot, but we promise that when you are enjoying yourself, you sometimes can forget about the heat and enjoy good times, great adventures and amazing people!


We have asked our volunteers what do they think of summer in Greece, and they have come up with these amazing responses!

Merl, Germany. It’s very hot but very nice. Very beautiful and hot.

Iga, Poland. Summer in Greece feels very hot for me, but it’s perfect when you can cool yourself down in the sea! Restaurants and beaches are full of people, streets get very lively this time of the year, even in the small town like Xylokastro. It’s a time of joy and what makes me happy the most is the incredible Greek food!

Morgan, Ireland. It’s very slow and relaxed. Life is very external compared to my home country, like people live outside their homes.

Adrian, Poland. It’s very hot and the sea is beautiful. I think the only cold place in the Greek summer is the sea.