E-Magazine May 2018
6th June 2018
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10th August 2018

The Division – Escape Room #2








Imagine the following: It’s Black Friday, this day with huge sales in many, many shops, this day many people are crazy about. Now imagine that the money these people use is contaminated with a deadly virus. In this situation, you are part of a special force that tries to find an antidote and stop the virus from spreading. Sounds like a video game? Absolutely right. This plot is taken from Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ and was used as frame for Pierre’s latest Escape Room. 16 volunteers, 3 groups and 45 minutes to safe humanity.

Deciphering cryptogram, solving logic riddles and finding several hidden codes made the attempt to find ‘the antidote’ in time quite difficult. The teams did impressively well in solving them even though they needed slightly more time than 45 minutes. The result: humanity died. That’s bad news but there were also plenty of positives.

Managing to solve the riddles in an Escape Room demands good problem solving and team work skills. Every team managed after minor problems in the beginning to realise what the game is all about and showed some great team spirit. Pierre who spent a lot of time in the office preparing the entire game, proved once more some great attitude in ways of organisation and problem solving. All the riddles and puzzles were well synchronised, one lead to another and finally to a conclusion. Thank you for your effort Pierre and to all volunteers who participated. There will hopefully be a part III!