Taste of Europe – Day 2
19th September 2018
Taste of Europe – Day 4
21st September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 3

Beautiful, friendly, welcoming, traditional, nice view, authentic, cultural and sweaty. These where the words that came out of the mouth of three participants, when I asked them of their opinion of our trip to Trikala.

We went to the mountain village near Xylokastro with bus at 9 o clock. After a ride through the mountains with more turns than a rollercoaster, we arrived to a cafe 1000 metres above sea-level. We got the plugs out of our ears and sat down for a traditional Greek coffee. The owners of the cafe gave us local produced raisins and with that, we were ready to start a short mountain hike. With views over Xylokastro, the sea and the nearby villages we walked towards the skies. We arrived to a local monastery and a smell of flowers. Some walked further into the forest and the mountains, to discover a small source of crystal clear water.

In the afternoon we all gathered together in the youth centre, to produce a gastronomical map of Europe. Each represented country talked together to brainstorm about the local food production in their country and made a poster to present it to everyone else.

After the activity we all went to the local square once again. Four new countries presented their local food and provided everyone with tastings. The Danes learned us a national song for cheering, we danced Spanish dances, the multicultural team of Sweden taught us about the diversity in their country and a latish participant provided locals and the others participants with a taste of a cheese made of his grandad.

Another day full of all kind of exchanges had past, and the participants returned to their beds in the Green Village.