Taste of Europe – Day 5
22nd September 2018
E-Magazine September 2018
25th September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 6

The sixth day of the youth exchange ‘Taste of Europe’ was the last official day.

The participants started the day with a nice and cozy time in the youth centre, where they had to do a cookbook. A collection of recipes from all the participating countries. They used their creative skills to make beautiful posters with the needed ingredients, instructions and insider tips.

If you want to learn how to make a soft chocolate cake from Sweden, cannoli from Italy or potato pancakes from Latvia, you can check out the recipes in our online cookbooks here: https://www.flipsnack.com/tasteofeurope/.

Afterwards we had the official end of the week. A week full of new information, friends and inspiration from all over Europe. The mayor visited once again to hand out youthpasses to all the participants.

In the afternoon we evaluated the week in the Green Village. The participants expressed their feelings and told about their best moments. Many mentioned the visit to the local market as their best memory – and of course all the new friendships.

We had a last dinner together at Touristiko before we went out for a drink together.

When the time to say goodbye arrived, the tears were following. But luckily we all have the chance to visit each other and explore new sites of Europe.