Taste of Europe – Day 3
20th September 2018
Taste of Europe – Day 5
22nd September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 4

The fourth day of the youth exchange was filled with new information. The 55 participants worked in mixed groups to gain new knowledge about different subjects under the theme gastronomy.

The nine different working groups presented their newly discovered information for their friends through posters, speeches and videos. Together, we learnt why television and food is a bad combination, what the little green logo on some Nordic food means and how the tradition of home cooking has changed during the last few years. Furthermore, we learnt about what we need to change, to be able to feed 10 billion people in 2050 and which countries that wastes the most food.

In the afternoon we had a visit of a local nutritionist. She learned us about the most important meal of the day, why snacking can be healthy and what you should look for at the label on  your food. The participants had the change of asking questions to the food expert and get answers with theoretical based knowledge. For example, they got some facts on the trend of not consuming lactose and why
parmesan is the best cheese to eat.

The afternoon was filled with laughter and new experiences, when the Greek team invited to traditional dances, introduced to the famous Ouzo drink and traditional Greek food – served as meze – the Greek version of tapas.

“We eat this salty food while drinking. Most of it is salty, which means that we want to drink more,” explains the greek participant Kate and laugs.

The bodies of the 55 participants where united in old dances and the new friendships between them grew stronger for every hour – just like it is supposed to do on every youth exchange.