Taste of Europe – Day 1
18th September 2018
Taste of Europe – Day 3
20th September 2018

Taste of Europe – Day 2

Day 2 of the ‚Taste of Europe’ saw the participants of the youth exchange getting more into detail and discuss ideas and notions about eating habits of the respective countries. Do people from Denmark are mostly Vegetarian? Do Greeks solely eat Souvlaki? And which food is typical for Slovakia? Let us put it this way: The things we believed to be true were rather not. Time for some tracking and discuss about the idea’s origins and substance. Who knows best about eating habits than the respective country participants? Due to their knowledge and experience things are much clearer now and our stereotype ideas almost forgotten. Who would have thought that pizza and kebab are super popular in Denmark?

A following debate focussed on different everyday life scenarios which influence our eating habits. The participant’s were divided into groups and had to find arguments to support or criticise the respective scenarios. Thanks to their dedication they filled their roles with life and made the whole debate an interesting clash!

In the early evening it was time then for the first of two intercultural evenings: The participants from Sweden, Italy, Slovakia and Portugal presented food they brought from home to the public to try and even presented their typical dishes to the local TV station! After this great start the people of Xylokastro can really looking forward to the second part of our intercultural evenings.