13th September 2022

Have you ever been to a Youth exchange?

Lately there has been a lot of work at the Orfeas office in preparation for one of the biggest projects we have ever organized – our […]
5th September 2022

Our favourite recipes from our countries

It is acknowledged that food reunites people, creates memories, and is one of the things we miss the most when we go abroad. Food is a […]
29th August 2022

Friendship in Xylokastro

When you become a volunteer, it’s usual to develop new friendships. A volunteer will be in contact with other volunteers both at work and at home, […]
22nd August 2022

What do you think of summer in Greece?

For some a difficult scenario to live through, summer in Greece has a lot of perks that you can enjoy despite of the heat. Even though […]
16th August 2022

A day in Nafplio

During your volunteering, you will also be able to travel a bit around, when you have free time and are away from working, you will probably […]
8th August 2022

An interview with the ESC volunteers

If you are considering volunteering with Orfeas, it would be good to get to know in-depth what our volunteers are doing. For example, its not the […]
1st August 2022

Environmental campaign of Orfeas

On Thursday July 29 we organized a campaign in Xylokastro to spread awareness about the damage cigarette buds cause to the environment. The campaign was successful […]
27th June 2022

A source of inspiration

  Sometimes, we are impressed by the state of the world. It seems to be in ruins. There are wars,  famine, people without access to water, […]
7th May 2022

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