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4th July 2022
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1st August 2022

Similarities among our countries and Greece

Countries have different stories and origins, and especially cultures can be quite surprising to uncover. But when it comes to similarities, we have found that there are also quite a few of them! Let’s all focus in what makes us similar, not separate!

1. Iga, Poland. I spent only two weeks here so far, but I think I can see some similarities between Poles and Greeks in their behaviour. I think we are both very blunt and we ca easily express how we feel in a confusing situation. We can be stubborn sometimes, but we have big hearts and we are open to help others. Poles and drinks also drink heavy alcohol 😉

2. Ines, Portugal. I find a few similarities between Greece and Portugal. For example, the weather is hot and sunny in the summer, the people are warm and nice and the prices aren’t too expensive.


3. Léa, France. The beach with sand and rocks reminds me of some beaches in Southern France, where I live. There is also a lot of cicades but maybe not as much as here.