Halloween workshop
26th January 2023
Interviews with ESC volunteers
30th January 2023

Short term volunteers in the environmental protection project

The short terms from November to December were involved in a variety of activities during their stay. They most frequently removed the litter from both the beaches and forest. They also cleared around churches and streets. In addition to this work, they planted trees in a nearby forest. They are also often requested to sand down and paint benches or bin in the community spaces.

When organising events and campaigns they also provided a helping hand. They created posters with information about bullying and helped promote this during Anti-bullying week. During the Christmas event they participated by helping with the different stations around the square. When preparing the Christmas event, they played a role in painting and creating games for the children. Lastly, they helped bagging different foods into packages for family in need.

The short- terms role and aim during their period of volunteering is to support the municipality in the environmental department with their tasks and support the campaigns and events that Orfeas hold.