Short Term Environmental project

Accreditation Number: 2017-1-EL02-KA110-003428

In this project volunteers from different European countries provide additional support to the instructors and other staff working for the environment of Xylokastro- Evrostini municipality.

Description of the tasks of the volunteers:

  • Protection of the forest: Volunteers will take care of the natural forest of Xylokastro. They will take care of the regular watering of the trees, in particular the new trees, which need more and systematic watering. Volunteers will take care of the cleanness of the walking road of the forest; rake the leaves, twigs, cones from that. Moreover, they will take care of the health of the trees like for example cutting the branches, twigs, but always with the supervisor or other members and workers of the municipality.
  • Protection of the coast of Xylokastro and Derveni: Volunteers will take care of the coast, collect rubbish to keep coast as a representative place of Xylokastro.
  • They will participate in the repairing of the benches, tables, metal and wooden fences in the forest and on the coast.
  • Volunteers will support other environmental activities of the municipality outside of the forest like taking care of parks, the marine and municipality playground in the forest… etc.
  • Volunteers will also participate in the activities prepared for and by the local community according to the seasonal needs (summer festivals, Christmas activities, school fairs or EVS promotional campaigns).
  • Short term volunteers as part of the EVS community in our town they are going to participate in our weekly and monthly activities such as, cultural events, Greek language courses etc.

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