E-Magazine November 2018
30th November 2018
E-Magazine December-January 2019
28th January 2019

Session about crisis management by Eliana

What do you do when you sit in a train filled with strangers that makes you feel uncomfortable? When the train stops abrupt and then starts to move in the wrong direction? When the energy on your phone starts to run out and you know, that soon you will not be able to find your way through the darkness that awaits at the end of your train trip?

This is some of the questions that came to the of one of our long term volunteers on her way back from christmas holidays in Turkey. She used her last power on writing in a group chat of all the volunteers, and we immediately got the feeling that she was in a crisis. But how do you handle crises?

To learn how to answer this question our coordinator, Eliana, had prepared a session for all the volunteers and friends with theory, examples and personal stories about the theme ‘crisis management’.

We learned a lot, not only about ourselves and how to handle our future crises, but also about each other through sharing our personal experiences.

If you want to read more about this, prepare yourself to read our new E-magazine from December/January, which will be published soon.