On-arrival-training in Nisi
13th September 2018
Taste of Europe – Day 1
18th September 2018

Picnic with all the mentors

Saturday the 8th of September, we all met with our mentors. Some for the first time, like Tatiana who has just arrived, and some maybe for one of the last times, as Anka who will leave on the 26th of September.

Together with our mentors we cooked a meal for a picnic for all of us. The ambitions were high, because everyone wanted to contribute with the best meal.

At six o’clock we met in the garden of Spitaki – a local bar close to the long term volunteers flat – owned by one of the mentors. There were hugs, kisses and for some, introduction to new people. People who together as mentors create a network all over Xylokastro, and makes sure that we, as volunteers, feels welcome in the city.

We had every kind of meals at the table: local moussaka, Italian oven dishes, vegetarian roles in Greek bread, German salad, Greek bread with mozzarella, tomatoes and feta (of course), lasagne, Spanish tortilla, Greek orange cake and much more.

We ate until we could not walk and played games until we were all sleepy and thankful for a nice day.