E-Magazine July/ August 2018
14th August 2018
Picnic with all the mentors
13th September 2018

On-arrival-training in Nisi

Four of our volunteers participated in an ‘on-arrival-camp’ with focus on informal learning, personal development and socializing.

“I don’t know why, but on this camp it has been easy for me to socialize and talk with a lot of new people. Lucianetta hopes to see you all again!”

These were the last official words from one of our volunteers, Lucia, at the On-arrival-camp in Nisi, Raches.

After five days together with 27 other volunteers from all around Greece, she felt more open minded to new people than normal – and had thereby achieved one of the goals of the two trainees.

The trainers had chosen to do everything in a non-formal way. This meant, that, instead of early hours, our day started at 10, to make sure that everyone was fresh for the activities. Instead of lectures behind a school desk, we were in a wooden house without any tables, and sat in circles – not lines. And instead of formal learning with teachers and whiteboards, we had informal learning, with focus on discussion, participation and movement.

This were for many the best way to learn about our rights as EVS volunteers, opportunities as young citizens of EU and the responsibly for our own project. We learned by each others experiences and got inspired to do what we do in new, innovative ways.

Between the activities, games, talks and discussions in the wooden house, there was time to socializing. This gave us new contacts for future collaboration around other volunteering programs and new friends to visit all over Greece.