August, the month of goodbyes
27th September 2023

Kαλωσορίζουμε, new volunteers

August may be the month of goodbyes, but September is the time to welcome new volunteers!

This month we welcomed Jan, from Germany, who will work in the Zevgolatio kindergarten; Josephine, from France, who will volunteer in the Vrahati kindergarten; Sonja, from Germany, who already began her journey in the Xylokastro’s youth centre; and Mila, also from Germany, who will work in the Derveni kindergarten.

Our volunteers are very eager and excited to start this new adventure and we are very happy to have them with us.

Even though they just arrived, Jan, Josephine and Sonja (together with Beatriz) already had the opportunity to travel a little bit, having spent a weekend in Athens, and together with Mila, they went to Kiato, where they did some second-hand shopping and they ate in this very cute restaurant that served home-made meals and had a live performance of Greek guitar players.