Interviews with ESC volunteers
30th January 2023
New vacancies in our ESC projects
30th January 2023

Interview with Meltem (Youth center project)- video

Sharing interviews with different volunteers is always of importance as it provides a more personal angle. This is critical for those interested in the programme to see what their experience could be like.

An interview with a particular volunteer called Meltem was made in December by office volunteer Clara Fouchard. Her story was of particular interest for many reasons. One of them being that when she first arrived, she had extremely limited English. Throughout her stay she improved due to her dedication to learning the language. When she left, she had a high level of English and ambitions to be a kindergarten English teacher. The interview highlights the opportunities this programme gave her.

We wanted to share this story because we felt it important to show that regardless of your background the programme can be for anyone and can provide many options for your future. We hope the video will encourage people to go outside their comfort zones and inspire them to join the programme.