Anti-bullying week
26th January 2023
Short term volunteers in the environmental protection project
26th January 2023

Halloween workshop

The traditional Irish, and now international celebration, ‘samhain’ also known as Halloween is an infamous celebration that celebrates the belief that that on one night of the year, all of the ghosts and ghouls and spirits came back to roam the country. In order to scare away then they dressed in ghoulish clothes, playing tricks and games, lit giant bonfires and pretended to be spirits to rid the land of the evil spirits.

As we have an Irish volunteer we felt it was appropriate that she help coordinate the project in the English school. Our aim for this project was to inform the children and young adults about the holiday through English so as to improve their English vocabulary while having fun.

We played different word games, matching games and puzzle games all centered around Halloween vocabulary. It was a fun and engaging way for the kids to speak English with fluent English speakers while enjoying themselves

The goal of this activity was to promote speaking English and provide the chance to speak with fluent English speakers. We felt that we gave this opportunity to the young adults of the English school here in Xylokastro. We feel this will result in an increase in their confidence when speaking English in the future.