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22nd February 2019
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5th March 2019

Did you put on your “Μάρτη” yet?

There are some of these old traditions that we all follow from the day we are born until the last years of our life. This red and white bracelet made by threads is one of them for us here in Greece.

Kids get these bracelets named Martis (Μάρτης, March) from their parents or grandparents the night before the first day of March and they wear them as amulets until the end of the month. In some places they wear the bracelets until the night of Easter where they will then burn them in a small fire. The common story behind this amulet says that the colors of the threads work as protection against the first sun of Spring.

Wearing your bracelet will keep your skin “white” without sunburns. 

White represents the color of  winter, while red is the color of spring… Red flowers and red cheeks of the children who start coming out to play under the clear sky and the first long days during the year.

Another strong belief for the roots of this tradition says that using this bracelet keeps away the evil spirits of the winter and the bright and colorful spring will come once more to make nature show its beautiful face.

No matter which one you choose to keep you can be sure of one thing… If you find yourself in Greece during the first days of March and you meet children, they will be wearing this red and white bracelet to be protected from the sun and to spread the message that spring is coming.

Did I say children? I meant all of you who still have open souls and look forward for the first bright sun of Spring.

So, looking for your threads or not yet?