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7th December 2022
Anti-bullying week
26th January 2023

Christmas workshop in the main square of Xylokastro

Orfeas wanted to spread some Christmas festivities here in Xylokastro. We wanted to share how each country celebrates Christmas and what kind of things they like to indulge in during this holiday. along with this we provided entertainment for the children too.

With the help of the municipality Orfeas held a large Christmas event in the square of Xylokastro. The event was a huge success and many people attended. There were various game stands and craft tables. The children could make their own Christmas cards, decorations and other Christmas themed art.

We also sold hot chocolate and mulled wine; the proceeds went to families in need. The volunteers also baked sweet Christmas treats from their perspective countries (Germany, Ireland, France, Portugal) and these too were offered to the people.

The aim of this activity was to provide a fun and festive experience for the children and parents of the city while getting contact with our ESC volunteers. We did this by providing a family friendly and inclusive event for anyone to attend. We felt that it was achieved due to the amount of people that attended and the way they responded to the activities and volunteers.