27th September 2023

Kαλωσορίζουμε, new volunteers

August may be the month of goodbyes, but September is the time to welcome new volunteers! This month we welcomed Jan, from Germany, who will work […]
27th September 2023

August, the month of goodbyes

August marks the end of summer and, sadly, the end of the journey for many of our volunteers. In the end of July and August we […]
26th September 2023

Lidl, our lord and saviour

If you think our volunteers will not go to extreme lengths to go to some supermarkets, such as Lidl, we are sorry to tell you, but […]
30th June 2023

Farewell, Aida and Leo

Leo (18yrs old, from Germany) and I (Aida, 19yrs old, from Ireland) arrived in October in Xylokastro and are now at the end of our journey […]
23rd June 2023

Breath of fresh air in the Summer

Our new office volunteer from Portugal is a breath of fresh air. Beatriz is full of new and exciting initiatives. To begin with she has changed […]
23rd June 2023

Short-Terms May/June 2023

As the new set of short-term volunteers arrived in May, they got stuck into work immediately. They all enthusiastically took part in our Europe Day on […]
9th June 2023

Απενοχοποίηση της Ψυχικής Υγείας σε Παιδιά και εφήβους – συνέντευξη με την κυρία Ιωάννα Αδρακτά

Από την Beatriz Soares, Εθελόντρια του γραφείο πληροφόρησης νέων του Orfeas Organisation. Ο Μάϊος ήταν ο Μήνας Ευαισθητοποίησης για την Ψυχική Υγεία, ο οποίος αποτέλεσε την […]
9th June 2023

Demystifying Mental Health in Children and Young Adults – an interview with Joanna Adrakta

May was Mental Health Awareness Month, which created the opportunity to talk, raise awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health disorders. According to UNICEF, 9 […]
30th January 2023

New vacancies in our ESC projects

Kindergarten project placement is available from April, 2023 till September 2023. Youth information office project from April, 2023 till September 2023. Environmental protection project for the […]