Environmental campaign of Orfeas
1st August 2022
A day in Nafplio
16th August 2022

An interview with the ESC volunteers

If you are considering volunteering with Orfeas, it would be good to get to know in-depth what our volunteers are doing. For example, its not the same to get to know what activties they are doing than to get to know from the volunteers themselves how they spend their days, including everything from their work and activties to future plans, job prospects and travel.

What is a normal day for you like?

Sarah and Sandra, France. We clean the city, sometimes the beach and sometimes the forest. We sometimes paint fences in schools and other buildings and make food packages for people in need. So after the hot weather we need water and some rest.

Morgan, 21, Ireland. I wake up, I go to the municipality, I do some cleaning, pick up the rubbish, I go back and get food and I go to the beach, I hang out with the other volunteers and talk and then I go to sleep.

Samanta, 27, Lithuania. I wake up early morning, I have my breakfast, I go to the office where I do my volunteer work till around 13 or 14 pm depending on how busy the day is, I take a nap, then I hang out with the other volunteers, going out, if its friday I go for travelling and other days I have a coffee. And in the evening I prepare for sleep. In weekends, travelling and going out somewhere.

Adrian, 18, Poland. Wake up, go take pictures of the short terms while they are working and then go to the office and do some office work. Then I come back home, spend time with other volunteers or learn something new.


What is your favourite part about volunteering in Orfeas?

Sarah, 18, France. To participate and to preserve the city of Xylokastro and meet a lot of people.

Nathan, 18, Ireland. My favourite part of volunteering in Orfeas is meeting new people and helpping to clean the town of Xylokastro.

Morgan, 21, Ireland. Learning about other cultures, taking in different costumes.

Samanta, 27, Lithuania. I’m keeping myself busy, work for the youth, for other people, I love to help while I’m doing this volunteering service. I also like the fact that it has education and community bulding activities.

Adrian, 18, Poland. I love the travelling we are able to do between work.


What are your plans after the volunteering ends?

Ines, 21, Portugal. After the volunteering ends, I go back to Portugal to spend time with my family and friends and then I will go to Denmark for my master. I also believe this experience was a good preparation for my time abroad in Denmark.

Sandra, 24, France. I will go to university, but my long term goal is to create an association about education for children.

Sarah, 18, France. I will go on and study. I will study Tourism, to travel and become a flight attendant.

Nathan, 18, Ireland. I will think about what I want to do. I don’t know if I should go to university or do other things. I might study architecture.

Morgan, 21, Ireland. I plan to go back to Ireland and do volunteering in another country. I will also continue my studies.

Samanta, 27, Lithuania. I will study phd, if not, work in a governmental institution, for plant protection. In summary, work in my field.

Adrian, 18, Poland. To finish high school and then apply to an art academy.

How will volunteering improve your future job prospects?

Adrian, 18, Poland. I think being an 18 year old volunteer for Orfeas organisation improves my future job prospects immeasurably. I can’t imagine many teenagers can put on their CV 6 months of full time experience in an international environment. I’m sure all the experience I’ve gained here will be appreciated by any future employers.

Sarah, 18, France. I will improve my English and be in contact with foreign people so this will greatly impact my job prospects.

Sandra, 24, France. I will also improve my English and be in contact with foreign people, but more specifically I will see how an organisation works to apply this for my future dream of creating an association.

Nathan, 18, Ireland. I think it will improve my CV and help me in getting a job.

Morgan, 21, Ireland. It will give me an open mind and a broader outlook in life and better people skills.

Samanta, 27, Lithuania. After the pandemic, I lost ability to communicate with people and make new friends and I think this volunteering is helpping me to understand different cultures and also I will learn how to project manage, which can help my future job prospects. I also learned social media management so I’m use that will prove useful.