The Division – Escape Room #2
30th July 2018
E-Magazine July/ August 2018
14th August 2018

A visit to Xylokastro’s weekly market

Located in the very centre of Xylokastro, the weekly open market, mainly for vegetables and fruits, but also clothes and shoes, offers the real Greek experience. Having that kind of open market is something quite usual in the South of Europe, but it’s something other countries may not be familiar with. Hearing those loud and yelling voices gives you the impression you got into a fight? Don’t worry, in fact you’re just in the middle of it all! Ask the locals about their plans for a usual Friday morning and you’ll get the very same answers all over again! The weekly market has become a common attraction in town: Peaches, watermelons, grapes, tomatoes or potatoes? You’ll find everything there, vegetables and fruits in huge amounts in the most peculiar sizes to fair prices: that is what attracts most people around! For the locals though it’s of course something more: In a town with barely 6,000 people it’s the perfect occasion to meet friends and acquaintances. They will be there too. For sure. So, if you have the chance to come around, keep your Friday morning free. You will have a date at the open market.