What would you change about the world?
20th June 2022
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4th July 2022

A source of inspiration


Sometimes, we are impressed by the state of the world. It seems to be in ruins. There are wars,  famine, people without access to water, inefficient educational systems… the world seems always in dire need of action.

One source of inspiration for me are the conversations we have with people. It’s amazing what two people can do together, when only two brains are at work. Imagine if we start to sum up more brains… change starts to seem possible then.

I was the other day wondering about this, about what we could do to make the world a better place. It seems difficult that a person alone can have an impact, but when more people are together, everything seems possible. It’s just a matter of creativity, inspiration and action.

One source of inspiration are the conversations among volunteers. We have spoken about how could we change the world. I realize what I can do is just so little, but here are some ideas of what is coming:

1. Creation of infographies about the EU. To inform people about the workings of the EU through social media.

2. Creation of a training course about the EU. To have a training course that revolves around the workings of the EU and involve people in a process of learning that can impact their lives.

3. To do activities with elderly people, involve them in some debate or activity related to history (something they are very interested in) and discuss and learn from them.

4. To do activities with the youth. Do a training course on a topic that is especially relevant for them. Samanta proposed something about employment and CV writing.

There are more ideas: inform about the refugees in Greece, about the environment and about the situations that we care most about such as gender equality, education, non formal education…

We volunteers would like to make of the world a better place, and so I wonder what is people doing to change the world or make the world a better place. Here are some ideas:

1. Reducing a lot of plastic usage, being friendlier to the ecosystem.

2. I try to help people and be kind to them because then they are happier, and I want to make people happy.

3. Being nice to the people who are nice to me. I try to make people happy, because I like making them happy.

4. Although we cannot deny poverty, suffering, violence and wars, I think the easiest way to make a better world is simply to smile naturally (because a smile and/or a compliment can change a person’s day !) help and serve others, listen and advise without judgement, and communicating positive things. I can become better, and when I get better, I will influence positively around me, that will aso become better and influence others in turn.

5. I try in my own small way to make the world a better place by bringing love, kindness, care and empathy to others. Through little things like a smile, a conversation, sharing what I have, I do my best to make people feel comfortable, confident and listened to. If I make someoen laugh I am happy yo have made them smile. I share my sensititvity through art and the benefits it can bring to expressoneself in other ways. I help the people around me and I am there if there is a problem or if the person needs to talk.