An interview with the ESC volunteers
8th August 2022
What do you think of summer in Greece?
22nd August 2022

A day in Nafplio

During your volunteering, you will also be able to travel a bit around, when you have free time and are away from working, you will probably like to discover the ancient ruins and the beautiful cities that are close by in the Peloponnese, or go to Athens or to the northern part of Greece.

In this blog post, we are discussing the city of Nafplio, which is about 2 hours away by bus, so you can get acquainted with its beauty (and who knows, maybe you will want to travel there!). The reason we have chosen this city is because both long term and short term volunteers have visited it and have enjoyed it a lot.

So, let’s see what our volunteers have to say about it!

  1. Ines, Portugal. The place was really beautiful, it was a simple city with a lot of greenery, stores (especially stores with spiritual items), restaurants and amazing landscapes to the blue sea. We spent the day touring through the city , eating in the restaurants and cafés and at the beach where we also did some snorkelling. We also took a lot of pictures! I think Nafplio represents Greece very well and had a good mixture between old buildings with more history and modern restaurants and beach bars.
  2. Iga, Poland. Nafplio surprised us with beautiful streets full of pink flowers and historical architecture. The highest point of the city is the stony hill with the breathing castle on the top of it – after climbing one thousand stairs we could have a good look at the panorama of Nafplio. We didn’t miss the chance to have a swim near the monumental rocky beaches and in the sea we could say hello to a thousands of underwater creatures! Because of many visitors we barely found some free seats on the bus back, but frankly, we wouldn’t mind staying there for longer!
  3. Lea, France. That was a really nice place, really Greek and welcoming. I really enjoyed to do some snorkelling there was a lot of different fishes that’s was awesome.