Similarities among our countries and Greece
25th July 2022
An interview with the ESC volunteers
8th August 2022

Environmental campaign of Orfeas

On Thursday July 29 we organized a campaign in Xylokastro to spread awareness about the damage cigarette buds cause to the environment.

The campaign was successful and we engaged many locals by giving out informational leaflets and ashtrays we made as well as letting them vote with their cigarettes in a special voting box we prepared.

To spread the message we also prepared a short video about throwing out cigarette buds into the environment and the consequences that come along with it.

Check out the video here:

After the campaign was finished I asked our own volunteers how they protect the environment in their daily life and here is what they told me this:

Merle, 19, Germany

the list of things she does to help with the environment is very lengthy and I think we all have something to learn from her but among many things this are the most important things she does: eat vegan, recycle, buy locally, buy second hand clothes, use public transport instead of a car and try to reduce plastic consumption.

Iga, 25, Poland

Every day when I am traveling around my city, I try to use bike instead of car. When temperatures get really low in Poland (-20 in winter) I use public transportation to reduce my carbon footprint. In the house I have 5 recycling bins and I am trying to use as little plastic as possible. Plastic is passé!”

Noha, 23, France

I try to reduce my consumption of plastics as much as possible. I recycle my waste and any other products that can be recycled (objects, clothes…). I try to consume as much local products as possible to avoid CO2 emissions, and as a smoker I make sure to throw my cigarette butts in a bin. And I would like to get more involved in the future as a volunteer for a lot of causes.”