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Accreditation number: 2010-GR-7

Duration of the project: 4 weeks

Location:  Xylokastro Municipality, Corinthian region


Our motivation to host EVS volunteers is to support and help in the everyday work of the environmental program of the municipality of Xylokastro and Derveni. This includes helping to protect the forest of Xylokastro, Derveni and Ziria(mountains), protecting the coast, planting new trees, watering the trees, cutting the branches, twigs, building and repairing the footpaths in the forest, repairing and painting the wooden signs, tables, fences and benches, supporting other environmental activities of the municipality outside of the forest like taking care of parks and the marine.

Our aims and objectives are to provide informal intercultural education and experience to youths, encouraging their social integration, their active participation and to offer them new means of expression and communication through the protection of the environment and open-air activities.

Protect the nature is one of the most important task of the humanity. Parks, green spaces and trees affect our quality of life through our everyday moods, activities, and physical and emotional health. Our environmental department of the municipality lays stress on the protection, conservation and development of the environment in particular the forest of Xylokastro.

The staff of the host organization pay big attention for the protection such as systematic watering, taking care of the coast, planting new trees…etc.

Our aim is not only the conservation and protection of the forest but we would like to use the forest as a "window" into the natural world, helping young people gain an awareness and knowledge of the environment and their place within it.




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