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Art & culture project (Musical Instruments Laboratory)

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Project number: 2010-GR-11


Host organization: Orfeas Organization
Duration of the project: 3 weeks – 1 month

Number of the volunteers: 2-4 / period

Our motivations with this activity are to protect the way of building traditional Greek and Mediterranean instruments, preserve the common European heritage of the history of the building instruments, and to study the development of the methods/techniques in Europe from the middle age till now.
This project depends on voluntary work because the traditional musical instruments and also the experimental musical instruments we build are not for selling but only for exhibitions, presentations and for the own exhibition of our organization.
The volunteers will work together with local and long-term EVS volunteers in order to help in the organization's creative projects.
The volunteers will have special guidance and support from the stuff and the members of Orfeas, in all the cases of highly demanding tasks (building instruments, computer work, etc.).
In the end of the project the volunteers can take the musical instrument that they build during their project.

Main Activities
1) Building and reconstruction for traditional and modern musical instruments (in cooperation with local volunteers and the members of our organization)
2) Cut and preparation of wood for processing (with special guidence and support)
3) Creation of a step-by-step guide and developing presentation with photographs and text concerning the building and conservation of traditional musical instruments (collecting material and information from the everyday-work in the laboratory and from our library)
4) Organize exhibitions with the musical instruments, which are made through the voluntary work and presentations about the European voluntary work
5) Make Internet researches for information and new techniques on instrument building, and organizations with similar activities from the E.U. (networking activities and future plans)


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